Now that it’s winter, it’s so important to be sure that your car can handle a big chill. Snow, ice, and frigid temperatures can affect the drivability of your vehicle and your ability to remain safe. However, it just takes a little pre-planning to make sure your vehicle can be functioning optimally on those colder days. Here are some tips:

Keep the battery in good shape

Your car’s battery is hard hit when the temperatures drop. The cranking power is reduced by cold weather. To check a battery, take off the plastic caps on the top and see what the fluid level is. If it’s low, add distilled water. If the battery is maintenance-free, be certain that the window at the top of the battery shows that it is fully charged. It’s best to replace the battery if it is older than 5 years and showing signs of weakness. You can also have a professional auto mechanic test your battery as it might just need to be charged. However, if it’s defective, it’s wise to get a new battery before it goes dead.

Replace wiper blades

Even the highest quality wiper blades start to lose their effectiveness in as little as six months. Missed expanses of glass and streaks are an indication that it’s time to replace them. Even though it’s possible to stretch the lifespan of the blades by periodically cleaning the rubber edges, it won’t be effective all winter. It’s recommended to get new wipers twice a year. They’re not difficult to install, and many auto shops will do the replacement free of charge.

Clear the windows

Not being able to see out the windows jeopardize your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of others on the road. Don’t use the windshield wipers for heavy-duty frost, ice, and snow removal. Ice scrapers are your best bet to seeing clear on those frosty days. Keep your windshield-washer reservoir filled with a winter-blend washer solution that contains an antifreeze agent. Also, make sure the heater is working, and there’s plenty of warm air being directed to the windshield when you have the defroster on. Finally, check that all the vehicle’s lights are working properly.

Consider new tires

Worn out tires are not a fan of wintry roads because. This is hazardous because your safety depends on tire traction. If you live in a place that gets snow now and then, a new set of all-season tires should be fine. Consider getting winter tires if you reside in a place where snow and ice seem to be ever present. They have rubber compounds and tread patterns designed to grip the wintry mixes for excellent traction on those slick roads.

The team at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive wants to make sure that you and your family are safe and secure on those icy roads. If you need any preventive maintenance to prepare for the chilly temperatures, our skilled auto mechanics have you covered! Contact us to schedule an appointment. We are located at 63075 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

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