Air Conditioning Repairs Can Keep You Cool During Oregon’s Summer

We’re well into Summer now, and the heat is upon us. We don’t get much hot weather in Oregon, and I would argue that’s one of the things that makes it even more unbearable when we do get it. Because there’s so little of it, we’re never able to get used to it. As a result of our minimal hot weather, it’s common for people to put off fixing their air conditioning in Oregon. This results in us seeing plenty of people in the Summer desperate for relief. If you’re in this situation, and you dread each time that you get into your car because it’s a sweatbox during your commute, we might be able to help.

If your car’s air conditioning system is doing any of these things, you may need to bring it in for service:

  • AC is blowing hot when it should be blowing cold
  • Stinky odors coming from your vents
  • Excessive moisture while the AC is turned on
  • The compressor won’t turn on

Many air conditioning issues are easy to fix, so we might be able to have you back on the road right away. If, say, all you need is to add Freon to your vehicle, that’s a very quick job. If there’s a mechanical problem with your AC, we’ve invested in cutting-edge equipment that can quickly get to the bottom of the issue. Our Bullseye Leak Detection System can quickly find leaks in your AC, for instance. Anyone without such advanced equipment would possibly need to spend a great deal of time — which you’d be paying for — to track down the leak. But at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive, we can find any tiny leaks within your automotive air conditioning system and repair it more quickly.

Don’t suffer any longer than you need to if you’re having problems with your AC. You’ll enjoy your Summer so much more when you can stay cool and comfortable while you’re in your car. It’s our goal to get you in and out of the shop with your AC keeping you comfortable in your car, as quickly as possible so that your life doesn’t miss a beat. We hope you’re having a great Summer, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Tom’s Bulldog Automotive in Coos Bay, Oregon.

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