The romantic day of February 14th is upon us again. If your sweetie is a car enthusiast, just loves their car or just needs safe and reliable transportation, be the apple of his or her eye and gift them things that will better their life and their driving experience. Car people love car stuff! Those that love their cars want to pamper their cars and we all need safe and reliable transportation. Here are some suggestions that will surely be received well by your car driving Valentine.

Vehicle Accessories

Is your loved one complaining about dirty floor mats? Are they fiddling using their phone for the GPS navigation systems? Do they have items in the car in case of an emergency? If this sounds like your sweetie, consider the many practical accessories that any car lover would appreciate. An emergency kit, a GPS, and satellite radio subscriptions or a USB power point are some things that could be perfect.

Wiper Blades

Put on a set of new wiper blades to keep them safe on the road. If you are handy earn some extra points by installing them yourself. If changing wiper blades is not your thing – we here at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive install them for free.

A Full Detail

A full detail means the inside and the outside of your SO’s vehicle will be cleaned polished and waxed like brand new. What a great way to say I love you!

Cordless Mini Hand Vacuum

Most automobile enthusiasts like to keep their beloved car clean. Some car owners want to keep the tiniest of crumbs and debris from residing between seams and upholstery. Make tidying up easy, enjoyable, and fast by gifting your special someone a handy mini vac. It’s fast and fun! The more compact the better. Not only will your sweetheart enjoy his/her new toy. This is the perfect gift for those prone to attention to details aka OCD.

Windshield Chip Repair

Windshields often get chipped. This can lead quickly to cracks and windshield replacement. Not to mention some chips are in the line of sight of the road and can impede visibility. If you would like to “clear up’ things with Your Valentine. This is a great opportunity!

A Surprise Wash and Wax

If a full detail is not in the budget then just go to the car wash and get a wash and wax. Or maybe even better buy the supplies and schedule a time when you can wash their car together. Hey a little soapy water fight is always fun!

Fill the Tank and Go On a Romantic Getaway

This could be a simple drive to the beach or and elaborate escape to a bed and breakfast on a secluded bluff overlooking the ocean. You can take it from here.

A Gift Certificate To A Trusty Shop (Say like – Tom’s Bulldog Automotive)

Now if you really want to give a gift that says “I love you”, give your loved ones a Gift Certificate to Tom’s Bulldog Automotive. If you know your sweetheart’s vehicle needs an oil change, brake repair, transmission repair or service, auto electrical service, or preventive maintenance service, or they just want that one “annoying thing” fixed, your gift will help give their car a little TLC. The team here at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive would love to help you put a smile on your Valentine’s Face!

For a gift certificate just swing by. We are located at 63075 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR 97420. Call if you have any questions: (541)269-0399. Happy Valentines Day!

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