As children get ready to begin elementary school, they begin the switch from car seats and boosters to sitting with a seatbelt. This is a “big move” for a child. Being mindful of having room for instruments, school gear, and other “kid” accessories is important. Below are three car recommendations that could be smart picks for parents who have children moving on to that next phase of their lives.

1) Toyota Highlander

This vehicle has flat sills, big doors, and has access similar to a minivan. Kids can see outside because it has a low beltline. It’s a comfortable ride with its wide third row seats and a lot of space for cargo.

2) Kia Sorento

This mid-sized SUV is a spacious and comfortable vehicle that has plenty of space for gear. This SUV has rear-seat access and sits lower on the ground. The third row might be too small for grown ups, but kids should be able to get in and out and be comfortable. Your children even have access to a USB port in the back.

3) Lexus ES

This incredibly reliable vehicle is easy for both kids and adults to sit in the back. It is a more luxurious than the average family car with its stylish sloping roofline that makes it easy for kids to see their parents.

Every family is different and the car that suits you and your family could vary significantly. However, there are a few questions every parent should ask themselves before they invest in a vehicle that could be smart for their entire family. A few things to consider when searching for your new family vehicle.

  • Will it last as your family grows?
  • How safe is the car?
  • Used vs. New?
  • What do you need the car for?
  • Is it economical?

The team at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive truly wants to make sure that our clients who are parents have a vehicle that perfectly suits their needs. If you need any suggestions from our staff about other vehicles that could be a fit for your family, don’t hesitate to ask. If you already own that car that is serving your needs, but it requires an inspection or maintenance, our team has you covered! To schedule an appointment at Tom’s Automotive Bulldog, call us at 541-269-0399. We are located at 63075 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

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