Having a new, clean car is wonderful, but the synthetic “new car smell” can quickly get annoying. Not only is this scent irritating, it’s also not good for your health because it’s generally the product of plastic covers and car polish that is used to make your new vehicle appear shiny and clean.

The first step in getting rid of this odor is to simply remove the covers, open the windows, and allow the automobile to air out. Baking soda could also help in absorbing and removing the smell. White vinegar is another helpful agent that tackles these strong odors. Combine two parts of vinegar to one part water in a jar with a few holes on the lid. Put the jar in a secure place in your vehicle for 1 day. It should effectively mask the pungent odor. Also, barbeque charcoal is an incredibly effective odor absorber. Just put the charcoal on top of a paper towel and put it under the seats. “Baking” your car is also an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the fragrance of your automobile. Just leave your car in the hot sun for about 2 hours and let it bake out the stubborn smell.

Cleaning the Interior of your vehicle could also better the smell in the car. You can just add a gentle cleanser to a cloth and wipe down any plastic surfaces in the interior. Car owners can also get their vehicles detailed and shampoo the fabric inside the car. You can do this yourself or get it done professionally. Steam cleaning is an alternative to shampooing that is also effective.

Of course, you can just use old-fashioned air fresheners to mask the smell. There are even industrial strength odor eliminators available in this market. If you like the smell of being at a spa, add some essential oil scents like lavender and jasmine to your car. Perhaps you’re a big coffee fan. If so, throw some coffee beans in a sock, tie it up, and put it under the seat.

The team at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive wants to make sure that you’re driving in a car with a pleasant smell! If you need any more odor eliminating suggestions or have any inquiries about auto repair, Contact us to schedule an appointment. We are located at 63075 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

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