Difference Between Gas-Powered Cars and Diesel

Diesel vehicles often get a reputation for being less eco-friendly than gasoline cars, but we say this is an unfair accusation. While both gasoline and diesel engines mix and compress fuel and air inside their cylinders, a gas engine uses a spark plug to generate the energy that keeps your car moving, while a diesel engine builds pressure in the fuel-air mixture itself to generate heat. Although diesel fuel is usually more expensive than regular gasoline, you will get more mileage out of diesel. Almost all car makes have several diesel makes, making diesel a viable option for many.

Types of Diesel Engines

There are several types of diesel engines different car brands use for their diesel vehicles. Ford cars will typically use Power Stroke engines. Since 2010, these engines have been manufactured by Ford itself; today’s Power Stroke engines are known for their fuel efficiency, power and lightness. Chevrolet uses Duramax diesel engines, which feature low torque (allowing your vehicle to carry more weight), exhaust braking, and increased fuel efficiency. Cummins is a Fortune 500 company that makes state-of-the-art diesel and natural gas powered engines as well as engine parts. The Cummins engine is most commonly seen in the Dodge Ram, but can be found in other vehicles as well.

Diesel Repair Shop Serving Coos Bay and North Bend

Whether you have a Power Stroke, Duramax, Cummins, or other diesel engine, we at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive can perform a diesel service for you. As durable as diesel engines are built to be, parts of the engine can sometimes break down. Some common signs that something is wrong with your diesel engine include:

  • Your engine won’t start or is hard to start.
  • There is a lack of diesel engine power.
  • There is black or white smoke coming out of your vehicle.

Whatever issues you are having with your diesel engine, you can bring your car to Tom’s Automotive. We have been serving communities in North Bend and Coos Bay since 1991 and specialize in Power Stroke repair, Duramax repair, Cummins repair and so much more. If you are in the area, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online with us today!

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