With the holiday season approaching, it’s time that you start considering what gifts to give your loved ones. If you have a car enthusiast on your holiday list, there are several things out there that will be sure to please those in your life who have a passion for automobiles. Here are some suggestions:

Slush Mats

These are also referred to as heavy-duty rubber floor mats. They have a rugged texture and deep grooves made to catch all types of dirt, sludge, and grime.

Dust to Glory

“Dust to Glory” is a documentary that was directed by Dana Brown in 2005. Anyone who is into off-roading gets to travel (via the film, of course) up and down Mexico’s Baja. The cars are legendary, the camera work is incredible, the and the tales are true. The car enthusiast can see if they have what it takes to handle the Baja. The theme is poignant. Being fearless is where the fun is.

Solar Battery Saver

Whoever receives this present will be impressed that you came up with this idea! This is a wonderful gift for someone who has a car that tends to sit in the sun often. This clever device offers enough juice to keep the car’s battery charged. It plugs right into the power outlet and sits on the dashboard.

Magnetic Tool Holder

If the person on your holiday list who loves cars also loves tools, this one is sure to please. Chances are that people have specific tools they like so the better bet is to give them a tool holder to organize the tools that they already have.

Racer’s Faces

This is the perfect gift for an avid reader who loves the world of cars. Pete Biro is a famous racing photographer who has a new book called “Racer’s Faces.” He spent over 50 years covering everything from the Indy 500 to Formula One to dirt-track midgets. Biro went through thousands of photographs unearthing legends Richard Petty, Dan Gurney, Jim Clark, Peter Revson and more.

The team at Tom’s Bulldog Automotive wants to make sure that you give your loving loved ones the perfect gift! Let us know if you have any more suggestions. In addition, if you need any auto repairs, our talented team of auto mechanics has you covered! Contact us to schedule an appointment. We are located at 63075 Highway 101, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

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